Workers’ Compensation Program Features

Workers’ Compensation Program Features

Our team has more than 75 years of combined experience working with the staffing industry.

The U.S. staffing industry is made up of organizations that serve as intermediaries providing contract, temporary, and permanent staff to clients with specific employment needs. Our Staffing Lines programs focuses on providing Workers’ Compensation to temporary and long-term staffing agencies and placement agencies.

Worker’s Compensation Features

One of the most critical areas of importance for the staffing industry is Workers’ Compensation insurance. Rates can increase for staffing firms that serve high-risk, low safety, and high-claims-rate clients, which can mean higher labor rates as a cost to the staffing firm’s business model. These firms must be more diligent than other companies in driving safety and training initiatives in the workplace due to the fact that they’re providing a workforce in an environment where they have limited if not arms-length management influence. What’s more temporary workers, new hires and unskilled workers tend to get injured more often than permanent employees. Therefore, it’s key that a staffing firm work with a Workers’ Comp partner that fully understands their unique exposures.


Our Target Classes

The Staffing Lines program covers a wide range of temporary and long-term staffing agencies, permanent placement firms and recruiting agencies. We insure firms with a few hundred thousand dollars a year in payroll to those with millions of dollars annually in payroll expense. We also insure staffing firms that span across a variety of industries including: light industrial and manufacturing; healthcare; clerical and administrative; technical professional including A&E, finance and attorneys; skilled and unskilled construction; hospitality; wholesale and warehouse; and more.

Responsive Claims Management

When you place business in our Staffing Lines program, you can be assured that your clients are getting the proper coverage they need because of our upfront rating process. You can also be assured that in the event of an accident or injury, your clients have NSM’s professional Staffing team handling the claims process. We know our accounts intimately and ensure responsive claims management. In addition, our TPA, York Risk Services Group, provides a suite of integrated managed care services including utilization review, bill review, case management, medical provider networks, pharmacy benefit management and return to work (RTW) programs.

We invite you to learn more about our Staffing Lines program and how we can help you increase your agency’s book of business. Please call James Gara at 888-315-4975, or complete the contact form for more information.